Francois & … 'J’ai tué ma mère' director Xavier Dolan:

- My name is Xavier Dolan and I have a role I would like to offer you in my first film. Would you like to come for a coffee with me? - No.

François Arnaud laughs while describing the anecdote in a café in Outrement. “Xavier looked about 12 years old. I didn’t know who he was or what he wanted from me, so yes it’s true, I refused to go for a coffee with him.” The story could have stopped there, but along with Xavier Dolan’s stubborness and François Arnaud’s intuition, a few days later François received the script for J’ai tué ma mère. “When I read Xavier’s script, I wanted to launch into it straight away. It was original, well written, trippy (…) As for the rest, I said to myself that if ever this film got made, only around 45 people would go and see it. I didn’t imagine the encredible buzz that would arise around this film.” [x]

Francois on ‘Salut, bonjour’, October 2013 


'Apocalypse: World War One' is a monumental five-part miniseries culled from more than 500 hours of archival material. This is WWI as you have never experienced it before: artfully colorized in a painstakingly researched process that brings the footage to life with unprecedented impact. [x]

Director: Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle
Narration: Francois Arnaud
Genre: Documentary / History

watch Apocalypse WWI documentary online on

Francois Arnaud photographed during ‘Moroccan Gigolos’ promotion [x]

'Apocalypse WWI' series

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How to access the WWI Series Apocalypse WWI if you’re not in Canada. Yes ma’am! I usually use a chrome app called “HOLA” it switches proxies so you can access to websites that are restricted for only same country users. Just go to chrome store, search HOLA and install it, then you click on the app icon that will appear on your menu bar and it’ll show some flags and a drop down menu arrow, go there and select Canada, once you’re in the page it will re-load and it should work.
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Francois Arnaud, Frederico Galavis, Ana Ularu and Mark Ivanir on set of ‘Thursday’ [x]

'I have no intentions of leaving Quebec, only to widen my spectrum of possibilities, to learn about other methods of working. It’s not because it’s in English, or because it’s a foreign shoot. My only career ambition is that I eventually be able to choose the projects I’m involved with.' (x)

François Arnaud and Holliday Grainger for Interview x

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Apocalypse: World War I’ - Directed by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle, and narrated by Francois Arnaud debuts Monday, July 14 on TVO, but if you live in a part of the country that doesn’t get TVO, or simply prefer to watch online from anywhere in Canada, you can see it starting on Tuesday, July 15 at [x]